f you are looking for a boost to kick-start your metabolism/ health back into gear~ I can help! I will be running 30 day Fit Challenges monthly~ you can do it with the group challenge or individually!  Message me for details, spots are filling up quickly for my next challenge!! Begins July 21st….deadline to register is July 15th!! Details below

I have had great success with my 30 day fit challenges~ really puts you in the right mind set to get focused and kick start your health into gear.

I just want to give you little bit information below…

The 30 day Fit includes:

30 day meal plan that I customize to help you reach your goals
2 large bags of meal vitamin/ mineral protein (vegan free, gluten free, dairy free)
1 large bag of Fibre Boost
2 boxes of detox tea
2 boxes of fizzy tabs ( replacing coffee and soda)
2 bag of fit chews (suppress appetite)
1 meal plan booklet- following 30 days

I will weigh you in and do your measurements on the 1st and the 30th day of when you start!!! If you are out of town you can send me your weight and measurements as well. I have several out-of-town clients on the challenge monthly.

I do customize all the meal plans specific for men, women, vegans etc. This challenge makes for a great weight loss, weight gain, maintenance, or detox challenge.  Depending on what your goals are. This Challenge truly helps to boost your metabolism and get healthy from the inside out. This will allow you to get in the routine of eating consistently and guiding you into living a more balanced healthy lifestyle. The detox system will help to balance out your PH levels internally, cleaning out organs, flushing out toxins that are holding onto extra weight, and see what foods are sabotaging your health.

This challenge will give you an incentive to work toward a healthy goal and kick start you into gear!!

The challenge is $360 plus tax and shipping. My meal plans usually run for $150 plus tax ~ which I am giving complimentary for these challenges for the next few months.

Look forward to hearing from you! We can get started as soon as your ready if this is something for you!